Комплексная диагностика участиков тренинга в подарок


Corporate Trainings

We will teach your staff how to sell and how to sell more.

  • Dynamic Retail techniques;
  • Dynamic Corporate Sales techniques;
  • Dynamic Sales techniques (advanced);
  • Retail Management ;
  • Corporate Sales Management ;
  • Dynamic Services Sales techniques;
  • Effective Negotiations;
  • Team Building;
  • Marketing Management ;
  • Personal efficiency of Sales Executive Manager;
  • Effective Merchandizing;
  • Dynamic Sales techniques for ConsultantPlus staff.

Marketing Consulting

Objective professional look at Your business.

  • Complex or target marketing research;
  • Outlining recommendations based on the research ;
  • Overall strategic and tactics marketing complex;
  • Implementing the overall marketing complex.

Effective Sales

We will make Your sales efficient.

  • General audit of existing sales schemes;
  • Outlining recommendations to increase sales efficiency;
  • Selecting staff for hiring;
  • Evaluating efficiency of sales staff;
  • Staff training (including specialized/target trainings);
  • Providing the sales department / store with relevant training aids;
  • Coaching of sales staff including Sales Executive Managers;
  • Implementing sales volume management ;
  • Working out and implementing motivation system for sales staff.

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